You talk about inspiration....Just read Sunday's Quincy Herald Whig. The headline said it all..."Ella- BRATION".  I am sure you are aware of what happened, but in case you are not, this story began on January 3rd, 2012.  That's the night firefighters were called to a house fire at 303 Ohio in Quincy.  Firefighters went inside the blazing house and rescued baby Ella Cain from the blaze but Ella was critically burned over 50% of her little body.  She was immediately taken to Blessing Hospital and then transferred to St. John's Children's Hospital in Springfield.  As the article mentioned, doctors in Quincy weren't sure Ella would make it alive to Springfield. The doctors in Springfield didn't think Baby Ella would make it through the next 48 hours. Then they figured she would be in the hospital for at least the rest of the year.  Well, she proved them all wrong. Ella left the hospital last month and is now home in Quincy.  Being home doesn't mean her recovery is over. She still has a way to go yet. But this little girl should be an inspiration to all of us to never give up. The fight in this little girl is beyond belief as well as the amount of prayers and well wishes from people in the area. If you are having a bad day today, read the story in yesterday's Whig written by Mary Poletti and suddenly, your day won't seem so bad after all. Thanks Mary for a well written story and thanks Ella for being an inspiration for all of us.