Today marks my last day of work at Y101 prior to Christmas as I will be taking a few days off so it is also my last opportunity to wish you (via our website) a very Merry Christmas. Christmas is always a time to enjoy with family and friends and I hope you will get that opportunity as well. With that, I would like to list my top ten things I am grateful for this holiday season.

1.   My daughter Jennifer and her husband Zach who have given me five wonderful grandchildren, Jeremiah, Joshie, Joey, Anna and Jack. I wish they lived here.

2.   My memories of my Mother who passed away nearly 4 years ago. Oh, how I wish she could be here to see the kids especially Anna and Jack who she never got to see. I miss her as always and will miss her again this Christmas telling us to "save the paper for next year" as we unwrap the presents. I also miss the daily 5:30 p.m. phone calls we always had.

3.  My dad who passed away 28 years ago.  He was always there to hit ground balls or fly balls when I was a kid and then wake up so sore he could hardly move his arms above his head. I don't recall him ever telling me "no, not today".  His childhood home in the Bronx, New York, was located on the current property where Yankee Stadium is located. No wonder I am a Yankee fan and grew up playing baseball.  Dad also played in the Pacific Coast League as a young man so baseball is in my blood.

4.  My brother, Gary, who served this country in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War so that we can all be with our family and friends. Oh the things he had to do just to stay alive in Southeast Asia. No wonder he suffers from PTSD and has a service dog named "Solo". That dog looks out for him like he looked out for me when I was a kid and big brother is still doing it. Couldn't ask for a better brother.

5.  My sister-in-law Kathy and my niece Andrea and her husband Mike.  They are my extended family. I got the opportunity to visit with them last weekend in Colorado and I will miss seeing them on Christmas Day.

6.  My close friends who I will not name for fear of leaving someone out.  They put up with alot from me from time to time and I appreciate their patience with me. I am not an easy person to be with at times and they know when those times are.  They know when to be there and when to back off and I appreciate all of them.

7.   Mr. Arnie Wilson, the past owner of a new radio station in the Kansas City area , who gave this 19 year old untested kid a chance to do what he always wanted to do. To be on the radio and to do sports play-by-play which led to 5 Silver Dome Awards from the Illinois Broadcasters Association.  Arnie passed away two years ago, but I thanked him every year in a Christmas card that I would send to him. Thanks Arnie, I will never forget you!

8.  The Batting Cage. This little feature provided by the Quincy Park District has led to a broken toe suffered two summers ago and a crushed tibia on my left leg four summers ago (thanks to fouling off pitches ) but I am not complaining. The "Cage" is my way of releasing my frustrations and it gives me a chance to hold onto my youth which gets harder and harder each year.  Plus, I love looking at the faces of the young people working there when I ask for tokens.

9.  For all the famous people, including 3 Presidents, I have had the chance to meet and in some cases be acquainted with over the years. These occurrences would never had happened had I not been in my profession. Thanks again to Arnie (see number 7).

10.  For you, my listeners and readers. None of us in this business could survive without an oversized ego.  It's how we control it. We all like to hear our listeners say good things about what we do on the air or what we write on this website. I have never lost sight of the fact that I put my pants on the same way my listeners do.  I am no better than anyone else out there. I just happen to have a high profile job and most people don't. But in the end it is just a job and its people that matter. And be assured, you do matter. Thanks for being there all year long.

So there is my list.  We are all equal with a variety of talents. I hope you will take your talents to the limit in 2015 and always remember the person who this holiday is all about..Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas from the Big Dog (Jeff Dorsey).