Friday, I attended the Golden Deeds banquet put on annually by the Quincy Exchange Club. This year’s winner of the Book of Golden Deeds was Hazel Mills. Hazel is, well suffice to say, a senior citizen. Now she may be elderly, but this woman acts and moves about like someone in her 50’s at least. I sat there and listened to Jared Haugh reel off all of the things that she does each every week like clockwork. These are activities that Hazel does for other people. She’s involved with her church, Blessing Hospital, the Sunset Home and several other activities regularly. Hazel lost her husband recently, but she even turned that into a positive. That’s the kind of person she is. After her husband passed away, she turned her attention away from sadness to a positive in helping others in need. It is something she has been doing her whole life. During the luncheon it was mentioned that Hazel never wanted anyone to leave this world alone and she has made a point to be with people who have no family when their calling time arrives. She might not even know the person, but she will be there so they are not alone at the time. Again, that’s the type of person she is. She goes from place to place doing nothing for herself and everything for others. Oh there is some time for her each week when she meets her friends on Wednesday’s for ice cream. Hazel, here’s to you for all you do. It’s my hope that Hazel has plenty of ice cream to eat. The world needs Hazel more than she needs the world. Hazel, have a double scoop on me.