JC Penney

Slumberland Construction Has Begun
Construction has started for the new Slumberland store in the Quincy Mall. The former JC Penney building is being remolded to make way for the new furniture store.
JC Penney In Hannibal Is Safe...For Now
Last month, JC Penney announced that they would be closing 138 stores this year. Today, JC Penney corporate's official announcement was released. Here's who didn't make the cut.
Factory Connection Coming to Quincy Mall
This is great news to hear! After announcements have been made in recent weeks that JC Penney, DEB and RadioShack would be closing in Quincy Mall, and last week's closing of Quincy's Steak 'n Shake, KHQA is reporting that Factory Connection will open in the Quincy Mall late …
J.C. Penney at Quincy Mall Closing in April
I recently wrote a story about former Quincy Mall stores. I had no idea that within a few weeks, we'd be adding a huge name to that list. Both WGEM and KHQA are reporting that the J.C. Penney store inside Quincy Mall will close on April 4.