Radio stations for years have been giving away tickets to concerts and events as well as other prizes for years. The method for giving them away varies from time to time. In past times it was strictly "listen and win" but with the advent of the digital world prizes are also given away thru webpage viewing and Facebook these days as well. Mr. Oliver and I were discussing this the other day when we were giving away some tickets. We both could tell some stories on how people win these tickets. Some people just call to win and never have any intention to collect the prize. Others call and have no idea what they have won even after we mention on the air what we are giving away. Some even change their voices to try and conceal who they are and give a false name. We even have a note in the office that says "so and so also goes by the name of________". Trust me we know when that happens (ever hear of caller ID?). We love giving things away to our listeners and want as many of you as possible to win, but what we really don't understand is when the winners don't claim their prizes or they win prizes they don't really even want. Meanwhile, those that do want it are prohibited from winning it. All winners have 30 days to claim their winnings and must wait 30 days to win again but it really hurts to see Cardinal Baseball tickets unclaimed when someone else could have taken their kid to the game. We love you guys for listening and trying to win but please be fair to other listeners when it's time to call in and win. Changing names, and voices to win has always made D.O. and I chuckle. Well, now you know...we know.