What’s Halloween without a pumpkin? Come fall, will there be any pumpkins in Quincy, following this summer's drought?

In case you were wondering it appears the pumpkin harvest will be OK, despite the severe drought, according to pumpkin growers in the State of Illinois.

Back in 2009, there was a pumpkin shortage due to too much rain that year.  That is definitely not the case this year. While we may have our pumpkins to carve this October we might find it had to get those corn stalks used for decorations and that is because of the drought.

In any case, Halloween is some 13 weeks away and if the drought and heat is still going on then, I will wear an “ice cube” as my outfit when I go trick-or-treating.  I just hope I don’t need my air conditioning on when I start carving the jack-o-lantern.  My electric bill has been sky high this summer and if the AC is still running in October I might need that candle in the pumpkin to use as a light in my house. It’s much cheaper.