Some 40 years ago the longest softball game ever played took place in Monticello, New York. The game lasted 365 innings and 958 runs were scored as Gager's Diner beat the Bend'n Elbow Tavern. Softball was a huge sport in Quincy but not so much anymore.

When I moved to Quincy in 1978, I was told Quincy was a big softball town. Once I moved here I could tell that was a true statement. I even played for a couple of seasons myself.

In the 70's and 80's there were several softball leagues, fast pitch and slow pitch, and there were some great players out there, male and female. I remember the Busch travelling teams (I believe there were two of them). They would travel many weekends and would hold tournaments in Quincy which brought softball talent from all over the state to Quincy.

We also had the Quincy Jets, coached by Harry Phillips. These girls could play some great fast pitch softball.

What has happened to softball in Quincy? Why are less people playing? I for one am at a loss as to why there has been a decline. Any ideas why?