Going out to see a band this weekend? What if you had a band. What would you name it?

Sean Gallup, Getty Images

Just in time for the weekend, I give you the weird, the strange, the down right insane names of bands. These are totally true band names that people have thought up. And these bands are on tours and in your hometowns. So here is just a fraction of the totally weird band names that I found. Remember, these bands are working bands right now. Would you book them by their name? Here we go.....

  • A Band Named Bob
  • An Emotional Fish
  • Bananna Fish Bones
  • Barf
  • Cross Eye Chicken
  • Don Knotts Overdrive
  • Dick Duck and the Dorks
  • Dumpster Juice
  • The Elvis Diet
  • The Flying Elmos
  • Free Beer
  • Half Man Half Biscuit
  • Headlice of Doom
  • Just Plain Cheeze
  • Linard Skinhead
  • Kinky Slinky
  • Norman Bates and the Shower Heads
  • The Morning Shakes
  • Pregnant Men
  • Stinky Binky
  • Two Cow Garage
  • Five Fat Guys Who rock

Have a rockin' weekend, everybody.