Election Day is two weeks from this Tuesday.  One of the arguments that always gets resurrected every election is the need to show an ID before you vote.  For the life of me, why is this such a problem? If you want to drive, you need a driver's license which has a photo ID on it. Nobody complains about having to do that (except for the ugly picture). So why is this an issue?  Some 17 states in this country don't ask for a photo ID to prove you are who you are. Illinois and Iowa are two of those 17 states. In Missouri a non-photo ID is required. Eleven states require a photo ID to vote.

If we want to make sure people voting are actually who they are, we MUST make this mandatory in all states.  It's ridiculous to not really know who is voting. People can say who they are, but they need to prove it before they get a ballot.   You agree?