Rich Cain and Carol Sowers, both longtime TV personalities in our area, retired recently. We were talking in the office today about former news/weather/sports reporters that have been on TV over the years. How many can you remember? Anyone remember far enough back when you would watch the local news in black and white?

There have been a ton of men and women who worked at the local television stations in Quincy, from the very first black and white broadcasts, to the HD smart TVs of today. These people have told us what was going on in our neck of the woods and kept us up-to-date. See if you can remember any of these local news personalities from the past:

  • Carol Sowers
  • Rich Cain
  • Sara Deien
  • Nora Baldner
  • Matt Schmidt
  • Les Sachs
  • Steve Looten
  • Ron Brown
  • Michelle McCormack
  • Ralph Bristol
  • Robyn Nance
  • Scott Mulford
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Larry Grubb
  • Melissa Shriver
  • Tom Vodak
  • Cory McCloskey
  • Steve Felde
  • Hank Mayhall
  • Jonathan Brandon
  • Shan Whiston
  • Gary Gleichman
  • Jody Davis
  • Gene Hoenes
  • ...and don't forget about Cactus Jim!

Those are just a few of of the people we've seen on local TV. Great talents on KHQA and WGEM. Who were some of your favorites from the past?