There is nothing better than sitting down in front of your TV on a Sunday afternoon to watch your favorite NFL team with your favorite beverage and some chips to prepare to root them on to a victory. So you sit down in front of the TV, with beverage in hand, a bag of chips and the TV remote and fall into your favorite chair. You click on the TV and there it is the game that you and everyone in this area is waiting to watch right there in front of you...The San Diego Chargers against the Philadelphia Eagles. What?  

Who in their right mind schedules a Chargers-Eagles game in the heart of Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears country? Apparently CBS does and it contractually is not their fault. It seems all three regional teams, the Chiefs, Rams and Bears games were slated for Fox Sports TV broadcasts and not for CBS-TV, which left this area with what we got. Oh, it was an exciting game, but who cared?

Now comes the comment that will make some people bristle. It is my belief that the Rams and Chiefs are far more popular than the Bears are in this area, so why did they show the Bears game yesterday over the Chiefs or Rams games? Most likely some guy in New York sees KHQA as an Illinois station so they automatically should get the Illinois team despite Quincy being 2 hours from St. Louis and 3 1/2 hours from Kansas City. Last I checked Quincy was 5 1/2 hours from the Windy City.

I really have to think that Northeast Missouri is pro Chiefs and Rams and very little pro Bears fans. West-Central Illinois would most likely be Rams, Chiefs and Bears fans. I went to public school and it appears to me that this area is comprised of more Rams and Chiefs fans than Bears fans.

Perhaps when TV works up their next contract with the NFL maybe they will take into consideration what took place in our area yesterday. And that was no over the air TV coverage of the Chiefs and Rams in a Chiefs and Rams area forcing Rams and Chiefs fans to buy the NFL package for future use. Gee, can you smell the plan here by the NFL?

Get ready football fans for the opening of every football broadcast with the words, "Are you ready for some PAY-TV football?" It's coming exclusively to a TV near you. It may soon be the only way we know how our teams did in the $10,000 Pro Football Pick'em Challenge.