Chicago Bears

Five Fictional Quarterbacks The Bears Should Sign
Jay Cutler has been officially released by the Chicago Bears. It shouldn't come as a surprise, considering he has a nine minute highlight reel of interceptions. And that's just to the Green Bay Packers. There are 30 other other teams he's thrown to...
Chicago Bears in Quincy Today Working Out Two Q.U. Hawks
The Chicago Bears are conducting a "Junior Day" at Quincy University's campus from 1-3 p.m. this afternoon to work out wide receiver Eric Poindexter and right tackle Donavan Vance. The duo will each go through an interview with a Bears scout, take a 12-minute Wonderlic test an…
Man Tasers Wife Over Bears-Packers Game
If you ever go to Instant Replay in Quincy to watch the NFL games on the various TV's on Sunday afternoon it becomes quite obvious that people can get passionate about their favorite team.   Hopefully, no one will be a crazy as this couple was.
Pro Football Pick’em Challenge – How Do You Pick’em?
I am not the best picker in the world. Frankly, I am pretty bad. For the most part I use
my gut in determining my picks, and so far my gut has not done me well. Before yesterday’s games I was at just under 50%. I probably could do better by posting pictures of the teams on my office w…