November 20th is apparently a day of firsts.  For instance, on this day in 1866 Pierre Lallemont patented a bicycle with a rotary crank.  On this date in 1888, William Bundy invented the first time card clock. 

Patent Request 1954-Photo by Harrison /Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

He did so while working for someone else.  Also, the first municipal airport opened in the United States on this date in 1919 in Tucson, Arizona. The first traffic signal was patented by Garrett Morgan on this day in 1923. So while you sit at the traffic light at 25th and Broadway in Quincy you can cuss Garrett out for having 3 birthdays go by before the light changes. And last but certainly not least, the first commercial teletype service began on this day in 1031.

Looks like a good day to patent something.