We are coming off of one of the longest hot spells in memory and with it came stressed crops, people and animals. Looking back at it , we were lucky more people didn't die from that heat especially the elderly.

It did amaze me that people still tried to go about their usual business despite the heat. People still jogged, played softball, and even mowed their yards as though it was a normal day even though it was 106 degrees.

It got me to thinking of the hottest temperature I have ever been in. That would be 121 degrees in Tempe, Arizona. I was there for a conference and had to wear a suit. The conference was at a different hotel than the one I was staying at so I walked the 3 blocks to the conference meeting.  It felt like 3 miles and I was soaked in sweat when I got there.  Don't tell me about "dry heat" in  Arizona.

The hottest I have "lived" in was 118 in Kansas City back in 1974 or 1975. Can't remember the exact year but I do remember the heat from that event. It was ugly to say the least.

So what was the highest temperature you have ever been in?  I ask that because today marks the anniversary of the hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States.  The mercury reached 134 degrees in appropriately named Death Valley, California on this date, 99 years ago,  in 1913.

I feel cooler already.