I am new at blogging. I will admit that. But somehow it seems the right thing to do. I have many things I could blog about. I am not the kind of blogger to create waves but it will not be a sugarcoated blog either. I love reading blogs but never thought I might be writing one. To me, blogging is a release. And if you are a blogger you will probably laugh at my blogs because, I ramble a lot (like I am doing right now).  I do admire people who are good at it, and someday, I hope to be like those people. I have many things that just hit me at a moments notice and I say, you should write this down. But then the idea goes away. Does this happen to you bloggers out there.  I do want to do a good job with blogging and , yes feel free to give me feed back, good or bad. This is a project that I look forward to and hope to get much better at. So when a thought hits me, I could write it down or should I take a little recording machine around with me so when the urge hits me, i can record it, type it out and just like that, I have a blog. Good or bad, I hope you enjoy this new project as I grow into this  blogging world.

More to come later.