I was talking with a friend of mine from Chicago about haunted houses in the city. I asked him where does everybody go in Chicago for the best scare in the city. He told me one place and one place only, Navy Pier. During Halloween time they call Navy Pier THE FEAR.

Why? It is the only mega haunted house within the city limits. I would think there would be more. THE FEAR haunted house sits on the east side of Navy Pier.

Through 18 rooms and two different houses, visitors come across every scare tactic in the book, bloodied zombies, massive spiders,creepy clowns, and of course, live actors dressed in terrifyingly real costumes. My friend says he is still shaking from going into THE FEAR. I asked him if he would go back another time. He said, no way, Too Scary.

Another scary thing about THE FEAR is the admission, $20. A kid-friendly, lights on haunted house is open during the day.

If you'll be going to Chicago between now and Halloween, you might want to check it out!