Here Are the Top 15 Airports for TSA Gun Confiscations in 2014
September 11 will mark 14 years since our nation was attacked. Since that time we have increased our security immensely including the banning of firearms on planes at airports all across this nation. So when I read a report that the Transportation Security Administration, better known as the TSA, c…
Shoe Removal Not For All, According to the TSA
It was day one of my recent trip to Florida and I was departing from St. Louis.  I gathered with our group of people heading for Spring Training at 5:30 in the morning to join the hundreds already in line for the TSA check point.
What is The T.S.A. Thinking?
Today marks my first day back from a short vacation to Spring Training in the Sunshine State, which is appropriately named. When I travel I always seem to have things happen to me that doesn't seem to happen to others. Today's blog will be the first of a series of blogs related to the airl…