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What Makes a Good Hot Dog?
With this being the beginning of the baseball season it is also the beginning of the hot dog eating season. I do not know why it is, but a hot dog at the ball park just seems to taste so much better than any other time I eat one. Maybe it's the fresh air.
The Big Dog is Ready for The Batting Cage to Open April 11
With the advent of the 2014 baseball season upon us, the Batting Cage bug has hit me. The bug to go to the batting cage and smash some baseballs around is attacking me like I would a fastball. The bad news is that the Quincy Park District’s Batting Cage is closed. The good news is th…
Too Big for Football?
Every once in a while you hear of these stories about young people being denied the opportunity to play organized sports because they are to big or tall.  Such was the case last week in Mesquite, Texas where a 12 year old was told he was too big to play.