Every once in a while you hear of these stories about young people being denied the opportunity to play organized sports because they are to big or tall.  Such was the case last week in Mesquite, Texas where a 12 year old was told he was too big to play.

Apparently Elijah Earnheart weighs 297 pounds which is about the same weight as NFL linebackers and The Pee-Wee League in Mesquite has denied him the opportunity of playing because of his size. The Pee Wee League has a 135  pound weight limit for all players.

Now before you say "wait a minute here", think about your  average sized child playing across from him in a game. You'd pull your kid out of the game in a heartbeat.

I remember playing in little league and was trying to bat against a kid that was almost 6'5".  He looked like a giant out there in the pitcher's mound.  I just want to get out of there with my life. I always remember that game when I see the replay of a Major League All-Star Game when John Kruk wanted no part of 6'9" Randy Johnson, especially after he send a pitch over Kruk's head.

Imagine the scenario of lining up against this nearly 300 pound kid in football.  No thank you. That's why they call it Pee Wee Football.  But before you feel bad for young Mr. Earnheart, you can bet that, even at the age of 12, the college and NFL coaches are already aware of him.  No reason to kill some kid in the Pee Wee League as a stepping stone to the NFL.