J.C. Penney at Quincy Mall Closing in April
I recently wrote a story about former Quincy Mall stores. I had no idea that within a few weeks, we'd be adding a huge name to that list. Both WGEM and KHQA are reporting that the J.C. Penney store inside Quincy Mall will close on April 4.
Lula Belle’s to Close Saturday
(Hannibal) – One of Hannibal’s best known eateries is closing its doors. Owner Mike Ginsberg has announced that Lula Belle’s in downtown Hannibal will close its door at the end of business Saturday.
Winamp is Shutting Down
The cliche' thing to say when stories like this come up is "the end of an era." In this case, that would probably be a pretty generous statement. The Winamp era probably ended quite some time ago. Quite honestly, it's a program I've not used in years, and probably would probably never even…