Boston Red Sox

The Advance Scouts May have Won the World Series for Boston
Being a life long New York Yankee fan it was difficult to watch the Red Sox celebrate winning the 2013 World Series. You must give them credit in that they went from last place last year to winning it all this year. When you get right down to it, they outplayed the Cardinals and deserved to win it.
We Really Are All Americans in Times Like This
When I heard about two explosions in Boston during the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon, it brought back flashbacks of 9-11 all over again. Innocent people killed and maimed for no reason at all. It also brought out the anger in me in that I wanted this person (or these persons) to suffer for it, as…
Today Should Be a Yankee Fan’s Holiday
Anyone who knows me knows that I am one of the biggest New York Yankee fan around in this area. I live and die Yankee pinstripes.  It is that dedication that makes today a national holiday for all New York Yankee fans.