backyard bbq

Y101 Backyard Barbecues Are Back For 2014!
It all started back in the 1990s when we kicked off the first Backyard BBQ. From then on during the summertime - through floods,heatwaves and bad roads - we would get in the Y101 van and head out with food, fun and prizes and have a great time with our listeners!
Backyard BBQ Winner!
The June 28 Y101 Back Yard BBQ winner is Kelly Smyser of Palmyra. Y101 will bring the food, the fun, and the prizes for 101 people next Thursday night.
BBQ Blunder – Don’t Let This Happen to You
Barbecuing during the summer's one of the best parts of the whole season. It's also something that can go horribly wrong...
What the heck is that? It used to be the handle on my grill.
A word of caution: if that plastic bottle of five-year-old lighter fluid looks like it might be brittle, it…