Yesterday was such a beautiful day for January.  The January thaw came early as the temperatures rose to nearly 60 degrees.  This, one week to the day when temperatures were around 15 below zero.  I went out to get my paper on the front step and I could hear birds chirping, the sun was shining and the temperatures were warming. It was such a nice start to a Sunday morning.  Life was good! That all ended when I opened my Sunday Quincy Herald Whig and on the front page are the mug shots of 53 people arrested last year for methamphetamine related incidents.  How sad is it that people need to resort to the use of meth to get by these days? As the article shows, it is an extremely addictive drug and one that is growing in usage especially in our area. The paper showed 53 faces, but what about the faces of the families of these people.  The mothers and fathers.  The grandparents. And the most heart wrenching thought, what about the kids of these people.

If you look at the faces of these people on the front page, some look like meth has gotten the best of them for a while.  Others look like they don't belong on a "meth mug shot board" but they are. Where and when will it all stop?  53 families are just the tip of the iceberg of families that are dealing with this horrible problem in our area.

I wish I could say the total of mug shots will be diminished in 2014, but my guess is it won't be. It's too easy to make and there is too much money involved in it. God, help us find an answer to this horrible problem.