I have come to the realization that people today have absolutely no idea how to survive. Last week’s Ice Storm Warning and the winter warning the week before forecasting the 1 inch of snow proved that.

It amazes me that just a threat of some bad weather will cause people to go into a panic attack and force them to flock to the grocery store and buy supplies for a month to endure a small snowfall. It's like, “One to three inches, oh my I will be home bound until April”.

Even the three day ice storm threat of last week sent thousands to load up on eggs, milk and bread with long lines stretching back into the isles. Fortunately, the major icing didn’t take place in our area, yet many people were barricaded in their homes for the duration.  I must also laugh at all the people who gassed up the vehicles.  Where were they going to go? They stayed off the roads and lounged at home for three days.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how the pioneers did it? Thank God the National Weather Service didn’t exist in the 1800’s. If it did, the frontiersmen would have had to go out and shoot additional rabbits and deer to survive those three days of icing. Well maybe not. You see they knew how to survive…..we don’t.