If you are like me, you read your Quincy Herald Whig daily and it has become commonplace to see one, two or even three stories each night about a methamphetamine arrest for either using or selling the stuff.  There is no doubt there is a meth crisis going on.  

This area is not alone with having the problem, but it is alone in how we deal with it. This community is way ahead of the rest and is blessed with police personnel who are actively combating the problem more so than in most communities. It is good that they are too. In communities where meth is prevalent and authorities turn a blind eye to it are seeing their quality of life go down with it. So kudos to our locals for keeping the "heat" on these people.

If you are using meth, selling meth or buying meth in this area the cops here already know who you are. It is a matter of time before your mug will be in the Herald Whig. Perhaps the paper needs to add to the National, Local and Sports sections with a daily Meth section.

How sad is that!