With the advent of a brand new season comes renewed hope for millions of baseball fans that their favorite team might win it all this year.  For St. Louis Cardinal fans in the Y101 listening area, the memory of doing so is quite vivid in their minds.  For Chicago Cub fans the beginning of the season is the best time of the year.  Now if you are a fan like I am of the New York Yankees (hey, I was born in Brooklyn, New York), you have had quite a few memories of winning championships.  The Yankees lead all of baseball with 27 World Series titles followed by the Cardinals with 11. With winning comes the abuse of "yeah, you bought all of those titles", or "the Yankees suck" comments.  I love that last one. They suck so much that they win all the time. Jealousy is a terrible thing. With that said, the Big Dog is predicting yet another Division title for the Bronx Bombers.  Same for the Cardinals.  I wish for those long time Cub fans that they too could win a title.  It would be good for baseball if they did but it will not be this year. So here goes my prediction for the season.   National League East: Philadelphia. The National League Central: St. Louis. The National League West: Arizona.  The National League Wildcards Teams: Atlanta and Cincinnati. The National league Champions: The Cincinnati Reds.  In the American League the American League East: New York.  The American League Central: Detroit. The American League West: Texas (sorry Albert). The American League Wildcard Teams: Tampa and (surprise) Kansas City. The American League Champions: The Detroit Tigers.  The World series will go to Detroit.