I love county fairs. Just something about them. Is it the food, the fun, the animals, the smell of the animals? I don't know but get set, because a fair is coming near you very soon.

The first fair that I know of is in Griggsville, Ill. The Western Illinois Fair will be June 20 - 24. This is the fair mom and dad took me to every year. I remember going to the grandstand and watching the dare devils in cars and they would do jumps, crisscross each other, I mean this was a big deal back then to see the dare devil cars come to Griggsville. They don't do that anymore. Too dangerous, I guess. Y101 will be at various fairs this summer broadcasting, eating and just havin' a good time. And that is what a fair is all about for little kids and big kids. So, If you see us at a local fair, come on by and say "hi." That's what people do at a fair..say hi and visit. And eat too!