I just came back from lunch today and a cool brisk breeze welcomed me back to work.

No, it was not snow but a cold west wind that says, "Hey,I'm back! Are you ready for snow?" That old man winter seems like it is at the door and ready for some fall temperatures.

As I type this, the temp is 70 degrees with cloudy skies and a northwest breeze. Please. Mr. Winter Man, do not treat us like you did last year with piles of snow and windy weather conditions. We have had enough for awhile. How about a nice cool fall and mild winter for a change?

Sure, I know snow will be coming, but don't give us piles and piles of it. Use moderation this year. I wore out two snow shovels last year which cost me an arm and a leg.  Even my wife did not like all the snow we had. She complained all winter.

So please Mister Old Man Winter,be nice this year. In turn we will not call you names.