At our house we have two dogs: Chance and Scooter. At night we keep both dogs in the kitchen to keep them from running all over the house. This morning when my wife got up, she found Scooter in a unique situation.

Sometime, during the course of the night, Scooter must have gotten hungry, because he was able to get into a cabinet where he got into a bag of Doritos. When my wife found him this morning, Scooter was running around with the Doritos bag stuck on his head! The dog was shaking his head back and forth, trying to get the bag off.

Scooter is known for doing mischievous things like this. Chance, on the other hand, is as calm as can be. He was probably laughing as much as we were.

Do you have any pets? What are some funny things that your pets have done? Comment below!