Dogs and Fireworks Are NOT a Good Mix
Before you head out for a fireworks display, please find a way NOT to take your dog with you. A fear of fireworks is commonplace for dogs. They find the loud noise and bright displays of light truly frightening.The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help your dog make it through …
What Is Your Dog Doing Right Now?
We have three dogs at our house: a small dog, a fat dog and a grown dog. All these dogs have something in common, they sleep and they eat. Dogs have it made because they can lounge around the living room at our house and live like kings. They get fed, they get sleep, and they get treats. W…
My Dog Watches TV
I was at home one evening when one of our dogs came up to me and jumped up on my lap. This is a small dog so he sits on my lap real good. His name is Scooter. As Scooter and I were watching a commercial about Subaru cars, four dogs came on the television screen. Scooter perked up his ears. His littl…
Do You Take Your Dog to Work?
So I am reading this magazine about people who bring dogs to work with them. Now I have never thought about doing that when I owned a dog, but it seems to be the new thing.

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