While he may be walking into un-chartered territory today, but Dennis Oliver in retirement will be quite busy not being on the radio anymore. What will he be doing? Well here's the Big Dog's top-ten list of D.O.'s activities while retired.

10.  Timing the traffic light change at 25th & Broadway(could've played 3 songs waiting).

9.    Throw Daylight Donuts donut-holes at people in the Dunkin' Donut drive thru lane.

8.    Count how many words he gets in, while eating lunch with Reggie Coleman (0).

7.    Go through yesterday's "Honey, did you do" list (same as the day before).

6.    Go through today's "Honey do" list (same as the day before).

5.    Catch each leaf as it falls out of the tree (good for his dexterity).

4.    Finally gets to call into Y101 to win daily prizes the Big Dog gives away (2 tickets to        the A.A.R.P. convention).

3.    Write a blog about not having to write another blog again!

2.    Listen to The Beatles 24/7 365 ("La La La La'd" out after playing Hey Jude 400                consecutive times).

1.    Sleep in like Rip Van Winkle.