Two Hour School Delay Caught Some People Off Guard
For years on bad weather mornings we have heard about schools running on a two hour delay primarily in Lee County, Iowa, but today was the first two hour delay ever   for the Quincy Public and Parochial Schools. Based on social media comments this morning, many people were caught off guard and …
What Happened to Our Clean Snow?
Friday night and Saturday we got blanketed with a wet snowfall that saw the area get between 4 and 7 inches of snow.  It was one of those "good" snows as I like to called it.  A "good" snow is an accumulation of the white stuff but a snowfall that still …
Wow, The Fall Skies Are Glorious
Earlier this week we posted a poll asking what your favorite season is. Fall soundly defeated summer and spring which ended up neck and neck in the balloting. No surprise here that winter was a distant fourth in the poll. My preference is fall. The sun rises and the sunsets during the fall are incre…
What is Your Favorite Season? [Poll]
Fall will arrive tonight at 9:29 CDT and with it will mark the conclusion of the summer of 2014. In my estimation, this past summer was one of the best we have had in a long while, with the exception of the pesky gnats that never seemed to go away.

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