Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in Hot and Humid Weather
Mother Nature has finally decided to let us experience what summer is supposed to be like.  Hot, humid, 90 plus degree temperatures are here and will be into next week. As a result, the Humane Society of Missouri has listed some tips for pet owners.
When Are These Gnats Going to Go Away?
I thought that when the winter weather was as bad as it was, including 9 below zero, that maybe the pesky gnats of last summer would have died and would be a non-factor this summer. Boy was I wrong.
Crazy Supercell Caught on Video in Wyoming [VIDEO]
Basehunters is a storm chasing team originally based in Norman, Oklahoma.
Today with members in Oklahoma, New York and Colorado, they are traveling and on the lookout for severe weather across the country.
Over the weekend, they found themselves between Wright and Newcastle, Wyoming when this supercel…
Man, It’s Hot Outside Today
Isn't it funny how we can be when it comes to weather. Just a few weeks ago we were complaining about the temperature dropping to 9 below zero and wind chill reading of 25 to 30 below zero. Then comes a day like today with the temperatures warming to around 90 or above this afternoon. I heard t…
April Snow in Quincy, Illinois
We had a lovely weekend here in Quincy, but the weekend is obviously over and snow is falling again.Temperatures were in the 80's on Saturday and 70's on Sunday. Take a look at this video. It really is Monday.
Spring Finally Arrives at 11:57am CDT Today
Today marks the first day of spring or the day that the Vernal Equinox occurs. After the long winter we just endured, it couldn't come soon enough. The word Vernal means “occurring in spring” and the word Equinox means “equal night”.
Anyone Want Some Free Snow?
I think everyone is thankful we didn't receive the 8 to 14 inches of forecast snow over the weekend. That might have sent many people over the edge especially with this morning's temperatures dipping to 9 or 10 below zero.

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