The Blues in the District is set for tonight and Down by the River is set to go in Hannibal. So you have your choice of events to go to. For my money, I'd like to be at both.Which leads me to ask the question I have asked for the last 3 years.  Why do they schedule these two events on the same dates. I have been to both and enjoy them immensely. I would think, staggering the days would open up opportunities for even more people at each event.  I guess it's just the Big Dog wanting to do to much. Both events are successful as they are but true to my way of thinking, it could always be better and bigger. In either case, I hope you can make one of these events tonight. The Blues in the District feature Smokin' Joe Kubek from Dallas, Texas and Down on the River has The Cheeseburgers from Quincy performing.  Even if they are on the same days, I for one am glad they are available for people to enjoy.