When ever you head out to a Quincy Gems Baseball game, a Hannibal Pirates game or go to St. Louis to see the Cardinals, Wrigley Field to see the Cubs, U.S. Cellular Field to see the White Sox or Kaufman Stadium to see the Royals, things don't start until the National Anthem is played or sung.  That was not always the case. The first ever playing of the National Anthem at a baseball game was done on this date , September 5th back in 1918 during the World Series.  Even then it wasn't played prior to the game's start.  It actually took place during the seventh inning stretch.  That is where many teams now play America the Beautiful and that "new" tradition didn't start until after 9-11 happened in 2001.

So when you head to your next baseball game and stand for the National Anthem, turn to your buddy when it's over and tell him or her this story that took place 94 years ago on September 5th.