It's time to honor you, Y101 Backyard BBQ winners from thru out the years.

THANK YOU for taking the time to give us a shout, send us a letter or even the people who have sent us big plywood messages to try and win our Backyard BBQs. Thanks to you, we have been having tons of fun with these Backyard BBQs since the early 90's(I think 1993 is when we started). Summer after summer you have sent us all kinds of crazy things to get our attention so you can win one of our BBQs. We love them all. And so, another year is here. Go to our web site at and click on Backyard BBQ. We could be coming to your back yard, park, garage,pool, drive way. We bring the food the fun and the prizes. You just supply the place to have it.

We do these BBQs the last Thursday of the months, May thru August. We are on a mission to be in every back yard in the tri-states. If you haven't signed up to win the next Backyard BBQ, make sure to fill out this form. See you soon.!