Yes, I know it is the end of July, but the City of Quincy is ready for winter.

Remember last winter when the snow kept coming and coming and depleted Quincy's salt supply? Quincy's City Services remembers, and plans to stock up its supply of salt this week. Richie Reis,Quincy's Assistant Director of Central Services plans to order 3,000 tons of salt from a vendor in Batavia, Illinois. Yes, it is summertime, but the city will spend the money now and be ready for the winter weather ahead. Reis says it is impossible to predict how much salt the city will need this year but urges his department to be careful with that supply.


And while I am thinking about it, the crew at Central Services do a great job all year round with all the roads they have to worry about. It is not an easy job working on Quincy's roads year after year. The roads take a beating all year round and it is almost impossible to have every street in Quincy in tip top shape. A big "thank you" to all the men and women who work long hours so we can ride on smooth roads.