Last week it was revealed that the Adams County Ambulance Board has proposed building a structure for the three ambulances and crews in Quincy on property at both Eighth and Oak or Ninth and College after the service leaves its current space at Blessing Hospital's 14th Street campus by the end of the year.  The cost for this proposal is estimated to be almost 1.6 million dollars. The property was part of an offer Blessing Hospital made to the Ambulance Service when it was told it would have to move. The decision on those locations is far from being agreed upon.

This story leads me back to my comments on April 28th, 2015. It was then, I suggested that the Adams County Ambulance Board locate the three city-housed Adams County Ambulances at three of the city’s fire stations. And that was an option that was considered by the board.

By being strategically located around the city at existing fire stations, their response time would be quicker than if they were housed at Blessing Hospital’s 14th Street Campus as they are now or the two newly proposed sites near the hospital.

When you get right down to it, saving lives is what it is all about and responding from 3 separate strategically located sites will be a better response option than leaving from one site. Plus, the ambulance would handle the call and not a fire truck, unless needed, keeping less emergency personnel off the roads and from risking their lives to get to a call as well. You may need to build a separate garage to house the ambulances at the three existing fire stations, but I can’t help but think that it would still be cheaper than 1.6 million dollars to do that.

If the board is set on establishing one location for all three then why not consider a centrally located existing facility in the now vacant 24th and Cedar fire station location. to having three strategically located ambulances.

It just seems to make sense to me.   My hope is the Adams County Ambulance Board feels the same way and considers this option.