Thirty three years ago today the excitement level for five “young” people was at a peak as WQCY radio was about to change the music format from soft-easy listening to Top-40 and become 99-Q Radio. Those five people were Dennis Oliver, Reggie Coleman, Dave Norman, Liz Lukowski and me (Jeff Dorsey). We knew our lives were about to change, but we didn’t know just how much. From the first song played (Bruce Springsteen’s Born in The U.S.A.) the station took off to heights none of us believed it would ever go. Who knew we would begin a legacy.

Hank Mayhall, the Operations Manager then, and I put our necks on the line as we spent several weeks trying to convince the upper management we should make the move to Top-40. The hardest sell was convincing the General Manger John Phillips that we needed to do this. He was in a tough spot in that his wife loved the easy listening format.

Once the decision was made it was full steam ahead. Dennis was hired from KQ102 and Dave & Liz from KGRC. I was already at the station and Reggie was working for the company at KHQA.

So where is the gang today? Liz is working in Rockford, Illinois at B103 as “Liz Wilder”. Dave owns this own station KHBL (96.9) in Hannibal, Dennis and Reggie are both retired and you know what I am doing.

Looking back 33 years ago today, I am sure glad I was a part of it. Does anyone remember those wonderful 99-Q days?  If you do, why not share a memory or two?    All five of us would love to hear from you. Thanks for listening then and now!