Here's the History of Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is today and it will mark the 105th anniversary of the United States Congress passing of a resolution establishing the second Sunday in May as the official Mother’s Day in our country.
Do You Miss Drive-In Theatres?
Last week I mentioned on the air the birthday of a woman who turned 100 years old. I said to Sarah Deien, my morning co-host on Y101, "can you even imagine the things this woman has seen in her lifetime?"  A lot has changed since 1919. It got me to thinking about a few of the …
Here’s Why February Has Only 28 Days
If there has to be a month with only 28 days, I am glad it is a winter month and not one that is in any of the other three seasons. The month of February is comprised of 28 or 29 days depending if it is a leap year or not. As you already know, every month, other than February, has either 30 or 31 da…

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