It comes with the passage of time and as one gets older, that passage brings with it many things. Unfortunately, one of those things is the loss of close friends. Such was the case this week when I, and our community, lost Reggie Coleman.

The two of us met on May 25, 1978 at the conclusion of my very first radio broadcast in Quincy on WTAD. He just finished running the camera for KHQA-TV’s 6 p.m. newscast. We met in the hallway and he came up to me and the first thing he said was “You think your good don’t ya”.  Not knowing what to say, I responded “Well, good enough to get the job” not knowing that he too had applied for the same position.  He fired off the first shot and I unknowingly responded with one of my own.

From that point on we were that way with each other. Oh, he could be stubborn, but the man had a great big heart. If he knew you were struggling with something, it was not beyond him to go up to you and ask if he could help.

After he married Barb they had two daughters, Alex and Taylor. When they were born there was no prouder father in the world. And when his son Reggie, Jr. decided to move to the area, there weren’t enough pictures to show us as his pride swelled again.  There was no doubt Reggie Coleman loved his family, his friends and his community.

Reggie and I disagreed on many things, but through it all we remained friends and most of all we respected each other.  It is too bad that everybody can’t have that kind of relationship. The world would be better for it and there is no doubt in my mind that I am a better person for having known Reggie.

During his funeral service, I thought about what Reggie’s arrival in Heaven must have been like. I can envision him standing there with that “thunderous” voice of his telling St. Peter “You think your good, don’t ya!”  I can see him passing through those Pearly Gates and looking back at St. Peter with that great big smile and watching St. Peter straightening out all the pictures on the wall that shifted after the "Thunder” spoke.

With all due respect to Jr., there will never be another one like him because Reggie Coleman was one of a kind!  God speed my friend…..until we meet again!