Christmas in August!
Christmas in July...In August! Takes place this Friday at Upper Moorman Park in Quincy and it is all supporting a great cause.
Happy Anniversary to Candid Camera
It was 69 years ago when 'Candid Camera with Alan Funt, as the show's host, made its network debut. It first aired in 1948 on ABC television and was originally called Candid Microphone, which was also the name of Alan Funt's radio program.
What an Unbelievable Day July 20, 1969 Was!
It was July 20th, 1969 and the world was riveted to their TV sets watching what was once the unthinkable, a man walking on the moon. I was 15 years old in New York and was glued to the family TV set like everyone around here was to KHQA or WGEM.

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