The new Kmart commercial invites you to "Show Your Joe."

It is a 55 second ad which depicts a group of men in boxer shorts shaking their booty to a commonly sung Christmas carol that has some viewers' undies in a bunch. It begins with a wide angle shot of six men, who appear to be dressed in tuxedos, standing behind a curtain while ringing bells. However, a few seconds into the clip the curtain is whisked away, revealing the men's bottoms are clad in Joe Boxer underwear.

Is that racy? Not really, but what happens next has some viewers up in arms. The men squat down and begin shaking ther booties to the song "Jingle Bells." The typical interpretation of their actions is that the men's testicles are swinging in their shorts,  creating the bell sounds.

A Kmart spokesperson says the commercial playfully showcases Joe Boxer's men's clothing at Kmart. What do you think?