After complaining about the Capital One TV ad last week, I feel like I won a small battle in a large war when the commercial removed a swear word from it and replaced it with a cleaner version. I considered it a small battle because there are others to fight, as well.

If you read Dennis Oliver's blog about the Joe Boxer shorts ad Kmart is running now you can find a link to the commercial for your own viewing.  Some will consider it funny and others will consider it offensive.

The same thing holds true for the Hardee's commercial with the sensual eating of a hamburger. So where is this all going?  Obviously, Madison Avenue feels that sex sells product. Maybe they are right. It's not for me to say. But one thing is for sure, there will be more and more of it coming in the future.

Make sure you check out D.O.'s blog on the Kmart ad and give your opinion.  With that said, how do you feel about the Hardee's ad?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on that one, as well.