I love seeing Quincy grow. New construction means new businesses which means more people visiting Quincy. But Quincy, we need to chat. With several strip malls already built and most of them empty, why are we building more?

The new Smoothie King will be located in the new strip mall at 42nd and Broadway, but why? There are so many strip malls in Quincy with vacant spaces just ready for new tenants. Look, I am not construction person or expert on anything that has to do with filling in these empty spots. But why is Quincy constantly building new strip malls when there are six (yes six) strip malls that have vacant spaces to fill.

34th and Broadway has a strip mall (across from Sears) with three businesses and room for more. The new one at 42nd and Broadway doesn't look like it will be filled, nor does the Oak Street Mall, Quincy Commons, Prairie Crossing or the strip mall by Maya restaurant (which is across from the new strip mall that is being built).

Is it cheaper to build then rent? Is rent the problem? Is it just too much and no one wants to pay? Could it be that business owners want location options and easy access to their businesses? I don't know the answers, but hopefully with so many of these buildings open to rent, we can start seeing business owners start filling them up. We love the businesses that are there now...we just want to see a few more.