Adams County

New Party Supply Store To Open This Week
The District in Downtown Quincy continues to grow, and I love it. With big box stores closing, the downtown is growing more and more, and adding to that growth is a new party supply store opening this Friday.
Keep Your Kids Safe, And Get A Gift Card Too
Car seats are so important in a child's safety, but just they sometimes break, expire or you just don't need them anymore. Safe Kids of Adams County will be giving you a chance to get rid of that car seat in exchanged for a gift card.
DoorDash Now Available In Quincy
Let me paint a picture, its late and your hungry and you are craving your favorite taco restaurant. You don't want to leave and wish you can have your meal delivered and you can't, so you eat a bowl of cereal, just not what you wanted. Well, now you can have your favorite taco meal and hav…

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