It has Happened. A brand new playground for the kids built in one day. It was built this past Saturday at 5th and Cedar streets in Quincy.

Let me give you a little history. Chasidy Rees of Quincy Area Projects and Blue Cross Blue Shield got together with an organization known as KaBOOM. They are a national nonprofit organization that helps communities design and build playgrounds. The man in charge this past Saturday in Quincy was Alec, a great guy, and he knew what he was doing. When I got to the site to do my broadcast, he was there to help me get a grip on what was to happen. It got underway around 8:30 and by about 5:30, the Quincy project was built.

Now the children in the area have a brand new playground. KaBOOM did what they said they would do with much help from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois,The Jefferson Youth Center and many many volunteers who just showed up to help. Amazing.