After a 108 year run as The Boy Scouts of America the organization has changed their name to Scouts, BSA. The name change, announced last week, was made to accommodate the inclusion of girls into the scouting program. According to an article in last Thursday's Herald Whig, the official change will take place in February of 2019. The initial announcement of the change in policy of allowing girls into the Boy Scouts of America was made last year. Since then, girls have joined both the Boys the Cub Scouts and there is no movement at this time to change the Cub Scout name.

Ironically, the Girl Scouts of America were caught off guard by the move by the Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts have no intention of disbanding as a result of the Boy Scouts decision. A declining enrollment was the impetus for the drive to allow girls into the Boy Scout program. Both organizations are dealing with declining involvement in scouting due to family schedules and the many sporting activities elsewhere.