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Have You Heard of Quincy's Most Famous Urban Legend?
Urban legends remind me of the telephone game; they start off true (or at best, believable), and throughout the years, the story seems to change and get more "made-up." One of Quincy's most famous urban legends is that of the "Levee Walker" (though I hadn't heard of it …
Scotties Fun Spot To Reopen This Week
Scotties Fun Spot will be reopening their doors this week, after being closed for three months. However, if you are planning on going this weekend there are some changes that you will need to be aware of.
Are You A 'Quincy Foodie'? Take Our Quiz!
A while back, Buzzfeed published a quiz called "If You've Eaten 22/30 of These Foods Then You're A True '90s Kid". It had quite a few things I remember from the decade (Dunkaroos, French Toast Crunch, purple ketchup) and plenty that are still around.
JWCC Host Drive-In Movie Night
I don't know about you, but I am missing going to the movies this summer. Hopefully that won't last long, but until theatres open there is an event that I know families will be excited about.
Watch What Quincy Once Looked Like [VIDEO]
Quincy is filled with history from architecture, arts, and businesses Quincy has come a long way. You can search Quincy, IL on YouTube and fund several "back in the day" videos of what Quincy used to look like.

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