We here at Y101 radio have a thing called "Throw Back Thursday" every Thursday.

It is one of the most listened to programs as many people love to hear the songs from back in the day. When we started this, we did not know how it would go. We play many songs from the 80s, which seem to be the most popular songs that we play. Sure, we play the hits of today, but when we get to Thursdays, it just seems the radio station and our audience just can't get enough of it. It jumps out at you when you hear a song from the 80s. So what do you think? Is 80s music the best music ever, or is it from other times, like music from the 60s, 70s or even 90s.

This is no big polling we are doing here,we just want you to tell us what you think. Thanks!

Tomacco, ThinkStock